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Hurricane Relief Fund Announced as part of the Citizenship by Investment Programme

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United States of America – Iconic Culture and Influence

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Malta – Land of Honey

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From the aptly named Sunny Beach resort area to the snowy peaks of Mount Vitosha, Bulgaria is a study in contrasts. Perched on the eastern Balkan peninsula, Bulgaria boarders five countries—Greece,Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, and Romania—as well as a large portion of the Black Sea. Bulgaria has a rich history and counts everyone from the Thracians …


With evidence of historical settlements as far back as 10,000 BC, Cyprus is an island country steeped in history. Explore ancient archaeological sites like Khirokitia—a settlement dating from the Neolithic age and one of Cyprus’ numerous UNESCO world heritage sites—in addition to Byzantine churches, Ottoman mosques, fortresses, and more. But even though ancient history might …


Nicknamed the Land of Honey for its historic reputation for producing the sweet treat, there’s plenty of buzz about this small island country. Situated to the south of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is an archipelago—though only a few islands are inhabited. If the landscape and sites look familiar, it might be because Malta …


More than just the home of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal has been a major world player   since pre-historic times. The westernmost country in Europe, Portugal is bordered only by Spain and the vast Atlantic ocean. This unique placement has inspired explorers, visionaries, and dreamers for countless generations. Portugal is steeped in history—in fact it’s home …


There’s a lot more to the United Kingdom than just bobbies, Big Ben and the Beatles. A country and land steeped in tradition, today the United Kingdom is home to one of Europe’s—and the world’s—leading economies. Comprised of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom has a storied past. With evidence of human …


The second largest country in the world in terms of land mass, Canada has welcomed those from far and wide for over 150 years. From the lush rainforests and mountains of the west coast, to the arctic tundra of the north, the wheat fields and prairie of the interior to the coastal cliffs and vistas …