Dominica – Nature Isle of the Caribbean

With lush mountain rainforests teeming with rare plants, animals, and birds, Dominica is a quintessential tropical hideaway. If you’re looking for miles of white sandy beaches, this isn’t really the place. But if you’re looking for privacy and exclusivity, Dominica offers that and much more.

This small island paradise is tucked between Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Eastern Caribbean. Home of the world’s second largest hot spring—Boiling Lake—most of Dominica is a protected natural park system ensuring its exclusive and quiet vibe will be preserved. This has lead to it’s much deserved nickname the Nature Isle of the Caribbean.

Roseau is the capital city, and while relatively small in comparison to other cities, it still has all the amenities and services you would expect. And in recent years, Dominica has become a hotbed for international banking and financial services.

Dominica is also well known for its straightforward and hassle-free Citizenship by Investment program. The well-regulated Dominica Economic Citizenship program has been running since 1993 and is integral to the economic success of the country.

Purchasing property on this lush tropical oasis is very straightforward with a minimum investment of just $200,000 USD. Those who are interested in purchasing property can browse from a large list of authorized developments and do not need to travel to Dominica. Dominican passport holders can travel without a visa to over 100 countries including the UK, and the Schengen zone.
For full program details, visit our Dominica program page for more information.