Spotlight On: Sofia, Bulgaria

While it may not be as flashy or touristy as some of its neighbours, in Bulgaria, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And there is plenty of beauty to behold—especially when it comes to the natural world.

The capital city, Sofia, is guarded by its most recognizable symbol—Vitosha, a massive mountain and hot-spot (or is that cold-spot?) for skiing, hiking, and outdoor activities. But if downhill skiing isn’t your thing, not to worry. Sofia is also known for its 49 mineral and thermal springs found throughout the city.

For those who are looking for more of a mental workout, Sofia is home to a thriving contemporary art, music, dance, and performance scene. Visitors will also find many museums, galleries, and cultural institutions.

On the business side, Sofia is increasingly becoming recognized as hot-bed for start-ups. A combination of a low corporate tax, excellent infrastructure (including some of the fastest internet in the world), and several start-up accelerators means Sofia has a thriving economy in addition to its culture and natural treasures.