Spotlight On : Washington, United States of America

The United States of America is a country that is larger than life. Not just because of how many people live there—it’s the third largest country in the world by population. Or the sheer size—it’s also the third largest in terms of area. Or because most of popular culture is generated within its borders—Hollywood and New York City are both found here. Instead, its larger than life can be attributed to one thing: attitude.

The apex of this swagger can be found in the capital, Washington DC. A federal district that doesn’t belong to any one state, Washington DC is power personified. Perhaps the greatest symbol of this exists at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. aka the White House. One of the most iconic buildings in the entire world, this is where the president of the USA lives and where the heart of the government can be found.

But Washington DC isn’t just policy and suits—it’s also a cultural centre. The Smithsonian Institute operates 19 museums, mostly side-by-side on the infamous Mall. Housing everything from nuclear missiles to works of fine art, most locations are free to visit.

Beyond being a symbol for all things America, Washington DC is also home to over 200 embassies and international organizations making it a global beacon for countless other nations around the world.